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A Prayer For Joy On The Journey

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for joy.

How blessed we are to know that you. are. GOD - no matter what life throws our way.

It is harder to experience joy when trials loom large and stormy seas threaten to overwhelm us. And also when we get stuck in the comparison trap. So, Lord, we ask that you will guard our hearts against these joy stealers.

Lord, please help us find an abiding joy that helps us to rejoice in life’s circumstances, in periods of plenty but also in times of hardship. Help us notice the blessings in our life and be thankful each day and please fill our hearts with joy as we do so.  And also as we trust in you and lean into your powerful and active Word.

Help us to discover that the joy of the Lord is our strength on this journey.

We are humbled by your unconditional love, unearned grace and endless mercy. It is what allows us to have joy no matter what circumstances we face. Help us, Lord, not to be satisfied with mere happiness but rather yearn for joy.

 In Jesus name, amen


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