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Christmas Light Dreams

Am I turning into my mom??


I remember as a kid, when we were all riding in the car together at Christmastime, my mom would often want to drive around and look at Christmas lights on the way home.

And for many years, for whatever self-centered reason, I had absolutely no use for it. I thought it was a huge boring waste of time.

It is hard for me to fathom, because now I LOVE driving through random neighborhoods, looking at the glowing handy work of so many ambitious folks!

In fact, last year I wanted to make such a big deal of it, that I made hot chocolate (with peppermint marshmallows) and Christmas cookies and plotted a course for my husband and me.

I can't say that he was as excited as I was, but he was a good sport and of course got more into it as the drive took us by some especially beautiful displays. I'm looking forward to charting a new course this Christmas and finding a new cookie recipe to try.

Christmas Light Dreams was shared by Kendra Conkle owner of Scripture Flips.