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God With Us

Christmas has always been a special time in our house to remember the birth of the baby that changed the world.

I want to share a story about one Christmas when we felt Him with us, through the life of another baby.

After my husband and I had been married a few years, we had a precious toddler, and we were praying for another child. We were joyful at Thanksgiving with news of a baby on the way, but the weekend we planned to cut down our Christmas tree, we entered a painful season of loss.

An ultrasound showed no heartbeat. We canceled plans to attend a friend's Christmas dinner and skipped the trip to the tree farm. We picked up a tree at a roadside stand, and then we headed home for an uncertain weekend.

In the midst of our grief, God granted us many small blessings.

Our toddler took a long nap, sleeping peacefully while my husband and I processed both physical and emotional pain, and giving us time afterwards to begin to trim the tree.

We rested.

We talked.

We prayed.

And we covered the living room in sparkling lights.

Eventually, little pitter-pattering feet came down the hall.

We saw God in our two-year-old's wide eyes as he took in the scene and uttered, “oh, WOW!”

We experienced a special kind of closeness as we set ornaments and added the angel to the top of the tree. We felt God in the hugs from those same friends as they grabbed us on Sunday morning, remembering their own losses.

That Christmas season was a strong reminder that Jesus, Emmanuel, God with Us had come so long ago to ultimately remove our pain, and that through the storm, God was still with us. This year, we are thankful to be looking forward to Christmas with our five-year-old and now two-year-old rainbow baby, and we are ever thankful that God sent Hope to earth so long ago.

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