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How Sparrows Grace got started

Sparrows Grace

You may know the story, but this week I'd like to share how Sparrows Grace came to be.

Sparrows Grace began with a new beginning❤️

I homeschooled my kids for 10 years and when they hit high school age I began teaching them Adulting 101 classes which then turned into an online course for others. However, when my youngest graduated I knew it was time for a new season.

With great peace and surprising ease I sold my business to a homeschool curriculum company and was certain it had the Lord's favor. I put the seed money in a jar and asked the Lord what was next.  I was certain He was with me and even if I didn't know what He was up to, it was going to be a fun adventure.  You know what I mean?

Well, the answer I got was NOT expected. He said, "that's great. I will let you know when it's time." And I entered a season of winter.  Of slowness and stillness and rest... LOL whether I liked it or not! ;)  The Lord was kind and as complained about how boring not doing anything was he said, "If you really want to do something, you can create."

So creating I did and I learned that creating - especially Bible journaling - really fills my cup up.  What a kind God we serve, right?

'Here sweet Melissa, you need to rest, but if you want to do something, learn how to fill your cup up in this new season.'  ❤️

About 8 months into this journey I was looking for a gift for my sister on Etsy. Just something to encourage her and I was wanting to be purposeful with my money, so I decided I would buy from a Christian maker on Etsy... Within minutes I found the perfect cup and thought, 'I wonder what else this shop has to offer'... only to find the shop owner not only sold Christian items, but also many occult items as well. (!!!)

Needless to say, I didn't buy the item from that shop and spent the rest of the day finding a few cute gifts my sister would like AND that was also made by a Christian... it.took.hours! :S

As I got the items ordered I thought to myself,

there has to be an easier way for us Christian shoppers to find and support Christian makers

And that was the beginning of what you now know as Sparrows Grace.

I have been blown away by the talented and all-around amazing makers + the kind and WONDERFUL shoppers the Lord has brought our way.  Marketing and being a connector are some of my super powers and I have LOVED getting to use those gifts with this business!  I never would have dreamed up such a "new beginning" for me, but I have so enjoyed it! As with any small business, it has taken grit as we have grown and done well and fallen and failed forward - always tweak Sparrows Grace to make it a great experience for you amazing shoppers. And it has been a privilege!

Lord, thank you for {{ first_name }}, thank you for helping our paths cross.  I pray you bless her with clarity as she seeks you this week and that if she is nervous about a new beginning she sees on the horizon she will feel your comfort as she boldly moves forward. We love you and trust you Lord. In Jesus name, amen.