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To the best Papasaurus T-Rex!

Personalized Baby Dinosaur Gift For Dad From The Kids.

Sonya also has cute tractor, farm gate, fishing key chains and MORE!  All gift that will keep y'all close to him wherever he goes.

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 A journal for DAD!

...with a collection of all of his favorite things.

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8 Grooming Gift Ideas

For Father’s Day, what could be better than giving dad the gift of great skin and hair, while making him smell oh so handsome?

Have fun mixing and matching the perfect gift for dad.

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Fathers go grocery shopping too and they will appreciate these reusable carrier bags for years to come! 

Choose from the EasyLoad or Standard Reusable Carrier Bags.  Each style is durable and allows you to do your part in protecting our environment. The EasyLoad slides onto the plastic bag holder and allows you to bag your groceries with both hands free so you can bag easier and get more items in one bag. 

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For the special men in your life

Wild Flower Organic Facial Wash lovingly formulated and handcrafted to wash away dirt nourish and hydrate your man’s skin.  

Do you have a man with a beard, goaty, mustache… in your life?Wild Flower Organic Beard Oil will leave your man with a soft + nourished + healthy beard.

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What's more traditional than fathers and barbecue? 

It's time for fathers, grandfathers and their Precious Chefs to create a delicious barbecue flavored snack mix.  Read along with Hudson and his dad as they prepare the Honey Barbecue Snack Mix.   

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Serve up something unique to Dad this Father's Day

Great soap for the men in your life with sensitive skin.

Trinity Soap hand-crafts small batches of bath and body products using high quality ingredients, two of which are love and prayer.

We carefully select the right combinations of fragrance, additives, and premium oils and butters to create soaps across a variety of profiles; cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, and detoxifying. One soap cannot be all these, thus we have profiles to meet every skin need.

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Have you noticed how excited your dad gets when it is "Grillin Season"?


Make Father's Day special with an apron that encourages their "Grillin Extraordinaire"!!!

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Coffee with a TWIST

If your dad LOVES coffee, give him a gift he will appreciate.  Check out some of the cool gifts we have that are MADE with and for coffee!  We have meat rubs, hand carved coffee scoops, leather coffee cup holders and more!

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