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Heidi Guenther, Creator at A Glimpse of Joy

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Heidi Guenther is the creator behind A Glimpse of Joy, where she focuses on inspiring, encouraging and teaching others how to connect with God through art. She shares her life with her husband Desmond, her three teenage sons and their black lab cross named Mitzy in a beautiful city on the Canadian prairies. 

“A key part of my business are my in-person and online art classes,” explains Heidi. “I also offer a creative membership for Bible art journaling. In my art classes, I encourage people to give themselves permission to create and to learn art skills in a relaxing, fun way.

I really enjoy sharing my passion for art, creativity and faith with others.”

 Heidi also sells her artwork online, through commissions, and at a local storefront. Her most popular items are her painted art rocks which are hand lettered with encouraging phrases, and her handmade gold-foil lettered bookmarks. On occasion, she also offers birthday cards, handmade jewelry, and artwork prints.

Through her online courses and membership, she teaches Bible art journaling through videos, templates and devotionals she creates.

“I create a variety of work and it attracts all sorts of people,” shares Heidi. “My main goal is to inspire, encourage and share creative techniques to help people to create art or connect with beautiful products. By doing so, I feel it helps others connect with God to some degree–whether they realize it or not.” 

 Heidi always felt that she would have an art business, but in the early years of her career she found it very intimidating and scary to put her art into the world in an official way. Heidi also wanted her children to be at a certain age before making her business official to help ease the transition. 

“A mama can do a lot, but she can’t do everything all at once or all by herself,”

Heidi explains. “I prayed for a long time about it and we slowly started to make space for the business to be born. When the time came, God opened doors for me to sell products through some local businesses and to lead workshops. This was about six years before the pandemic hit.”

 In 2019, just prior to the pandemic, Heidi felt God calling her to shift her business towards online courses. She invested time into creating a better website and learning how to create courses to launch her first online membership.

“My audience is mostly Christian women who want to grow their faith as well as their art skills,

When I’m creating a course or an in-person art workshop, God often shows me that someone needs me to put the key of creativity into their hearts and turn that key. I try to be very aware that many people have locked up creativity inside them and that God is drawing them towards freedom and creativity. People often leave the workshop realizing that they can indeed create, whether they feel like they are creative or not.

Sometimes it is just about giving yourself permission to do so, learning the tools and simply receiving some encouraging support.” 

 A Glimpse of Joy is one of the Christian shops within the Sparrows Grace marketplace.Sparrows Grace has connected me to Melissa who has been such a big cheerleader for me. Her encouragement, expertise and kindness has meant the world to me. Her strategy skills have helped me to see what is possible for my business, giving me goals to work towards. She’s gone above and beyond for me, giving me captioning assistance for instructional videos at times since I am deaf and can’t hear video well enough to get information from it otherwise. She truly cares for her vendors and friends. With her technical help, I transitioned from a previous website to Kajabi (an online platform that she is particularly knowledgeable about) which has been invaluable!” shares Heidi about her experience in the Sparrow’s Grace network.

 As Heidi grows her business, her primary goal is to ensure she has a good family and life balance. She is looking forward to releasing more online courses and working with a manufacturer to create products with her artwork in the future.

 “It is my ongoing hope that people will feel encouraged and lifted up by my art.

I want them to feel like they can look to God to experience joy and love, and to receive help from heaven for daily living,” Heidi Guenther

 “I want to light creativity in people’s hearts,” she continues. “I think it would be so incredible if I got to heaven and found out the impact that I made to others on earth was along these lines—You showed me that I could do it and I did. I followed my God-dreams despite any fears or anxiety because I saw you do it, too. I created art, tried new things that were a challenge and/or started an art business because I loved what you did and you showed me it was possible. Wouldn’t that just be so cool?!”

Just remember to always look up to God.

Pray about everything and really get to know the Bible. God loves you and He wants freedom and joy for you!  - Heidi Guenther

To learn more about the products and services offered through A Glimpse of Joy, check out or email Heidi directly at [email protected]. Since Heidi is profoundly deaf, she does not take phone calls nor listen to voice messages. Written communication is required.

This article was written by Jessy Paulson for the Gritty Faith Magazine, Volume 16, shared with permission.

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