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Jessica + Aaron Harsch, 

Redemption Road Coffee

Free coffee sound good?

In 2001, Aaron and Jessica Harsch launched a not-for-profit ministry called Redemption Road with the goal of seeing people live outside of their sin patterns. 

Making a Difference

Jessica describes their mission as, “We all learn ways we cope with our lives, stress, and the stories we have. People often get stuck in a rut and struggle to apply the church sermons to their own lives. Through Redemption Road, we walk alongside people to help them figure out where the sin patterns are in their life, how they started, and how God can be welcomed into that space to bring freedom. We get into the weeds to help people overcome their struggles and live more fully.”

Seven Years Ago

Seven years ago, the Harschs were looking for a way to provide for their ministry outside of traditional fundraising efforts to gain support for non-profit organizations. They desired to be like Paul — a tent maker — and earn money to fund their ministry work. 

One day, a friend suggested to Aaron that his home coffee roasting possibly could be leveraged as a way to make income to support the non-profit. Their conversation sparked a vision within Aaron as God showed him how a coffee roasting business could be set up and how their family could flex their time and resources to support the ministry through it. 

What if...

During the first year of the coffee business, Aaron and Jessica had a narrowed focus on supporting their ministry, but God had a much bigger plan in mind.

“After a year of pondering, starting, and selling, we got a bigger vision of how the coffee could globally fund good in the world and reach more people,” explains Jessica. “Today, all of our coffees now support causes in their country of origin. With our profits, we help support other non-profit organizations that are fighting for change and Kingdom work throughout the world.”

Where they are now

Over the years, some of the projects Redemption Road Coffee has been  able to fund include building a well in India, fighting against sex trafficking in Athens, Greece, and providing educational opportunities for disadvantaged populations.

“We say, our coffee funds good in the world,” says Jessica.

“We feel we are rogue for Jesus as not everyone we meet are Christians, and we are okay with that. We show the love of Jesus through coffee.” 

Jessica and Aaron are leveraging every aspect of their business to fund good from the farmers they purchase the beans from through the causes they support with the profits.

Still going strong

Through their ministry, Redemption Road, they have a house church and do weekend retreats in the mountains. “The whole point is how do we live the Christian faith and walk it out?” Jessica shares. “We all have messages we live under such as, “I am a failure, I’m not strong enough, I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty enough. Identifying those messages and disabling the enemy’s lies we live under is so crucial for being able to draw closer to Jesus. We must find ways to denounce the lies to live life more abundantly with God.”

Learn more and support the mission of Redemption Road Coffee on their website where you will find coffee beans, coffee-themed products such as soap, chapstick, and mugs, as well as unique tote bags sewn from the burlap coffee bags that come from the country of origin.

A note from Aaron:

Hello Friends! 

I thought it would be fun to share some thoughts on how I see coffee. I have a bit of a unique view. I love thinking of coffee as a character in my story. I sometimes wonder if coffee could talk, what stories would it tell?  For me I know it would tell stories of being held while I prayed  and read books to better myself. It would share of watching me sit at my desk while I worked to finish up and meet deadlines. Coffee has been present for loving and passionate conversations with friends and family. I often feel comforted sitting in my chair with my dog on one side of me, holding a cup of coffee. Many people at the markets we are at enjoy holding a warm cup of coffee while they relax and shop the market. Coffee as a character is a fun way to look at this cool drink. How does coffee play a role in your story?

Written by Aaron Harsch of Redemption Road Coffee

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