Are you looking for more Christian women to check out your shop?


You have an online shop but Christian shoppers are having a hard time finding you.

Maybe you have tried:

Craft Shows at Church

You were around more Christians, but the labor of setting up and selling all day, and after the show not many in-person shoppers converted into online shoppers.

Sharing your shops in Christian FB Groups

But that takes a lot of time and the traffic from sharing, has not brought you much traffic

Sending Emails to your List

You send emails... every once in a while, but you wonder, how can I grow this list without traffic?

Facebook Ads

But you aren't attracting the right people and they are going up in price each week.

I see you trying over there... would you like some help?

What if with a few simple steps you could:

Get more traffic from amazing Christian shoppers
Be known as a quality Christian maker
Add another stream of traffic to your online shop
Collaborate with other makers who are sister in Christ
Sounds Wonderful, Tell Me MORE!

So, let me tell you about the Sparrows Grace Marketplace

What we do

We connect Christian shoppers with Christian makers.

How it works:

We are a billboard for you. 

We send traffic to our site (via email, PR and paid traffic) and the shopper wanders the site and scroll through the shops. The shopper will picks a shop she wants to check out and is taken to your shop. 

Our numbers:

We average 10,000 shoppers on the site each month

We have a healthy and always growing email list of 15,000 shoppers

A FB page with 15,000 shoppers

And we talk about y'all ALL.THE.TIME. ❤️

When you join:

You are investing in your shop. You are saying we want more Christian shoppers, Sparrows Grace knows how to reach Christian shoppers, so I am trusting Sparrows Grace to send me Christian shoppers.

Deal. We are here for that every day of the week!

What to expect from us: we will consistently email the shoppers, run FB ads and in general keep yall top of mind for our shoppers.

What we expect from you: You will stay on brand. You will love on our shoppers. You will offer great customer service and timely delivery from purchases.

What are some of the benefits of being in the marketplace?


We all need many sources of traffic to our shop. 

Sparrows Grace offers a direct line of traffic to a qualified and high quality Christian shopper that wants to support you.

Brand recognition as a Christian owned business

"Are you a Jesus loving, Bible believing Christian?" is one of the questions you must answers to join.

Our shoppers love that all of you are Christians and purposefully want to support you and your shop as a fellow sister in Christ.

We market to Christian shoppers

And we get 1000's checking out the marketplace every week.

FB's new ad policies don't make it easy, but we stay up to date on changes and pivot as need be to keep finding sweet Christian shoppers on the FB.

Increase the Know + Like + Trust factor

Our shoppers will get to know you as month over month they see you inside the marketplace.

And speed up this process by joining as a PRO Vendor



Wear The Promise

I am pleased to note that since joining the Sparrows Grace Marketplace, site traffic is up a whopping 72%!🎉🎉🎉🙏🏾


Basic Vendor

$325 per year

Most Popular

  • A spot in the All Shops section
  • A spot in the category you choose

Set it and forget it

This is a great option for those wanting to give Sparrows Grace a try and let shoppers begin to find them.

If you are wanting to make a bigger splash inside the Sparrows Grace Marketplace, you may want to choose the PRO option. Keep reading for more details.

Want to put a megaphone behind your brand? The PRO vendor spot is for you!

You will get everything a basic vendor gets PLUS:

  • Featured in all 4 season look books ($996 value)
  • Direct links to your shop shared on the FB page each quarter ($200 value)
  • Direct links to your shop shared with our email list each quarter.  ($200 value)
  • A full page spread in the Christmas Gift Guide ($249 value)
  • 4 article submissions for the shoppers (1 each quarter) that will be the feature of an email ($300 value)

A $1945 value for only $400 more - bringing your total cost to less than $2 a day for the WHOLE YEAR! :)

Sign Up to be a PRO Vendor Here









Yep for less than $1 a day, you can get in front of our amazing shoppers 24/7 all year long.

And for only one more dollar a day you can get a megaphone behind your shop!

Other fun perks from being a Sparrows Grace vendor

Advent Collaboration

Join other makers sharing their story of faith over Advent. ❤️ This will be our marketing focus for Q4 and there will be direct links to your shop as a contributor.

Christmas Gift Guide

Our shoppers LOVE browsing through the Christmas Look Book, as if they were looking through the old Sears Christmas catalog we all got as kids. You and a direct link to your shop will be in it! :)

Weekly Traffic Tips

We don't want you to only succeed inside Sparrows Grace, but also outside of us.  Each week we will send you tips to help you grow the other streams of traffic coming to your shop!

Monthly Makers Small Group

A once a month small group where you can chat with other makers who are believers too! We start all together, then break into groups depending on needs. Prayer. Collaborations. Stuck, please help!


Interested but want to chat before you sign up?

Email questions to [email protected] or book a zoom chat below. :)

Book a zoom call here

Sonya Neal

Amazingly Graced

"I have been looking for a faith based group of buyers/customers for my faith based merchandise and Sparrows Grace is IT! All of my views have increased dramatically, which in turn increases my sales. Sign up now! RUN!!! Don’t walk!! Sign up!! Worth every Penny! You wont regret it!!!"

Vicki Hostetler

Trinity Soaps

"Right now there is no "Marketplace for Christian vendors" so I love getting in on the ground floor of this and being known as a Christian shop. I love this community. I love these ladies(vendors). I love the shoppers too. I have increased sales through Sparrows Grace market and have gotten a wholesale account from here as well."

Let me tell you about our shoppers.

We survey our shoppers every year and we are thrilled to you tell you, if she could be some summed up in 1 person, she is Susan.

Susan is 52, she loves Jesus, her family, reading and Gardening.  And LOVES spending time with her grandkids. She is a retired teacher and enjoys the freedom of being retired, but decided she wanted to start a second career and works part time as a realtor.  The job keeps her busy, she love helping people and also it gives her and her husband fun money.

She LOVES handmade items and the love and attention that goes into making them.  She appreciates that YOU use your gifts to make the world a better place AND she loves supporting you on the journey.

YES! I want more Susans checking out my shop!

Don't take our word for it,

Here are some thoughts from other current vendors. ❤️


This is for you if:

  • You are a Christian maker with an online shop, your items don't need to be Christian, but you do. :)
  • You are looking to invest in your business to get more traffic from Christian shoppers.
  • You are wanting to raise brand awareness in the Christian community
  • You are wanting to be known as a Christian with a handmade shop.
  • You love giving a great experience for your customers.

This is not for you if:

  • Your shop has other religions, Harry Potter, offensive/cuss/snarky words or pictures, or CBD items
  • Funds are super tight and you expect quick results.  It is a slow steady process, that is why you join for a year commitment. It gives google and our shoppers time to learn what you offer, where to find you when they are ready.
  • If you are new to selling online and have not gotten any sales from selling online, this is not for you YET. :) A training is coming soon for you, go here to hop on that wait list.

Registration closes August 15th

and won't open again until April 2023.

Join now and start getting traffic from Christian shoppers this week.



Registration closes August 15th

and won't open again until April 2023.









Join now and start getting traffic from Christian shoppers this week.


Christin Bankhead

Crafted By Christin

"Before joining Sparrows Grace, I was up to the mercy of the marketing of Etsy. ... joining Sparrows Grace has increased my traffic by 30%."


Your business is how you are shining your light in this world

and you are making the world a better place too!

However, finding you on the world wide web is HARD!  In fact that is what started this journey to creating Sparrows Grace.

I sold my last company and was asking the LORD what was next and you know Him and His impeccable timing. He said wait. Right before a pandemic hit.  When I had worked non-stop for 2 years. 

LOL, yes it was culture shock for sure, and I don't know about you, but if God says wait I do it.  Learned that lesson the hard way... a few times. ;)

During that season, we felt quite blessed that our foundation was stable and we still had security of my husband's job and we wanted to use some of our fun money to purchase handmade items from Christian makers to send as gifts to friends and family.

So, I hopped on Etsy and found Christian items, but MANY of them were not made by Christians. Just makers (many with occult beliefs) selling items with Christian words on them.

I wasn't upset with those makers, I was just so sad I couldn't find you when I really wanted to support you, the Christian maker.

This began a fun journey to find you and then I realized, I wasn't the only one and on December 5, 2020 Sparrows Grace was born.

Our whole goal is to make yalls shops famous in the Christian community and all glory to HIM! Ephesians 3:21 AMEN!

Registration closes August 15th

and won't open again until April 2023.









Join now and start getting traffic from Christian shoppers this week.


Interested but want to chat before you sign up?

Email questions to [email protected] or book a zoom chat below. :)

Book a zoom call here