What is Sparrows Grace really?

For Christian women with a handmade shop it is a membership to connect with each other, grow their marketing skills and be part of the Sparrows Grace directory that will certainly bring you traffic to your site.

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Living the Dream

You were made to create and have my own online business that you LOVE and is making money.

You get to create these beautiful products - made from your strengths and gifting.

And shoppers love buying your products and feel blessed to own then.

But it can get so lonely

When your friends don't have an online handmade shop too, they really can't celebrate your wins or understand your frustrations. 

Sometimes you just wish there was a safe Christian space where they get you, can pray for you and cheer you on.

A place where we place community over competition?

And a bit overwhelming

Tech moves so fast and so does the way we connect with shoppers

Do you wish there was a place that you could search ideas to get more traffic tips to your shop? 

Do you wish you could easily connect with other makers to do a collaboration together?

Do you wish you could have ALL that + connect with AMAZING Christian shoppers too?

That is Sparrows Grace.

  • A sisterhood of Christian makers cheering each other on and celebrating each others wins! 
  • A resource to learn and implement ideas to help you gain more traffic to your shop, one small step at a time.
  • A directory that feeds directly to our Amazing Sparrows Grace Shoppers.

Sparrows Grace is a great investment to myself and my business!

I love Sparrows Grace! I love learning from other Christian business owners during the monthly Zoom meetings. Seriously, who better to learn and grow from than a community of Christian women? Also, the business and marketing tips have been so helpful and encouraged me to start an email marketing platform, which is growing fast! Sparrows Grace is a great investment to myself and my business!

Cindy Hardie, Below Sea Level Soaps

Become a Sparrows Grace Vendor

and get:

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I receive so much more than just hits on my site. 

When I heard that Sparrows Grace’s platform focuses on sharing Christian owned businesses, and that their customer base are people who want to support Christian owned businesses I couldn’t join fast enough. By joining I received and increase in traffic to my website and now have reach to my ideal audience.  That being said, I receive so much more than just hits on my site. Melissa is so encouraging in her emails and prays for me and my business. I truly feel like I have support in my business and would recommend Sparrows Grace if you are looking for help navigating the tricky and often isolating world of small business.

Elizabeth Darling, EverElling

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The opportunity to collab with and learn from other like minded believers is amazing! 

As a vendor, Sparrows Grace has increased my site traffic by over 90% monthly! The opportunity for increased exposure to your target audience is well worth the investment. And its not just about the monetary investment and sales, the opportunity to collab with and learn from other like minded believers is amazing! 

Doretta Ellsworth, Wear the Promise

Sparrows Grace is a heartfelt community of Christian makers that provides a bounty of encouraging support and hope to fuel your biggest dreams.

Jessy Paulson, Purpose + Grit